Welcome to GoGoGo Mandarin!

Hello, I am Jenny Huang, the founder of Go-Go-Go program. 3 years ago, I made my personal mandarin teaching program in Beijing. After 3 years of wonderful success, my personal teaching has been proven, by more than 100 happy customers, to be the most efficient and quality Chinese learning program around. In 2012 in Shenzhen, China, I have gathered experienced Mandarin teachers and created Go-Go-Go Mandarin, an Elite Chinese Teacher Team dedicated to providing the most professional, effective and efficient Chinese lessons in the world!

Lessons are taught in different cities in the U.S and in China, or through the internet via Skype to students around the world!

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We are looking for more experienced Chinese teachers to join our team. We provide a worldwide free stage for qualified Chinese teachers to share teaching rescores! Let’s get together, grow bigger and make the world smaller! Please check here for more information: Join Us!

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Why Choose Us?

Unlike language schools and part-time tutors, Go-Go-Go Mandarin is a program provided by Elite Chinese teachers who are passionate about teaching Chinese language and culture. We provide high quality Chinese lessons, using a special method of teaching students say is much more effective than the methods used by others.

Our teacher team is highly qualified with extensive experience. All teachers hold Bachelor degrees majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Teacher Certifications, Mandarin Level Certificates, more than two years of teaching experiences, and all speak fluent English.

In addition, we have tons of new and original study materials collected from our years of teaching experiences to share, in order to help you master the Chinese language in the most simple and efficient way. Because we work for ourselves rather than a language school, we deeply care about our students’ progress and success!

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